AB8 is a Wolf-Rayet star in the Small Magellanic Cloud, she has a companion, the AB8 B, and she is one of the extremely rare oxigen Wolf-Rayet, in a way she is weaker than her companion, she is only 2 times larger than the Sun, and has only 19 solar masses.

Her companion, AB8 B, has 61 solar masses and is 14 times larger than the Sun, which in some ways makes it the main star of the system, although it is brighter and its solar winds are more violent than of other stars, such as the R136a1 itself, and the winds of both collide, heating the gas to 500 million K, but she does not care, she just wants to live her life in a friendly way, countering the Wolf-Rayet stars.

Her Destiny

It must explode in a Supernova in 10,000 years, and its nucleus will collapse and it will explode, and its remnant is unknown, and will happen to orbit its companion, while her companion, soon after, will also die, and can turn one black hole.

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Top 10 hottest stars

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