Andromeda Galaxy is a spiral galaxy 2.5 million light years from Earth, it is the largest galaxy of the Local Group, and the largest galaxy closer to the Milky Way. Having 1 trillion stars, it is bigger and brighter than its rival, the Milky Way, but that does not mean a better quality because it depends a lot on the Milky Way commercially.

Her Main Story


Andromeda Galaxy came about with Andromeda*'s massive gas consumption, creating relativistic jets that encouraged star formation, but it was almost entirely accidental, as Andromeda* was a big supporter of the Black Hole Era, but after the collapse of the stars, with few events happening, she has isolated herself from the rest of the universe around her huge cloud of gas.

With the formation of stars, Andromeda* was disgusted, but allowed them to live, unprotected and only by themselves, and that was a catastrophic decision, as raids of black holes practically ended the first generations of stars formed in Andromeda, so how they stole their gas, and even with that direct attack, Andromeda* didn't mind stopping them, unlike his sister, Sagittarius A*, who began to assemble the first Milky Way protection units, the future Milky Way's Army.

However, after a large raid that disrupted the main accretion disk of Andromeda*, she began to get angry, and drove all the black holes around her, and devoured those who disturbed her belief. During this period, Andromeda* started boostering the star formation, which really didn't bother her, as stars usually didn't come near her, starting a more peaceful period.

Start the Dream

Andromeda then began to recruit the black holes formed by her dying stars, thus beginning her army, and it was when she began to establish her manifest destiny, the conquest of the universe, she should not stop, and would not stop until she was the largest black hole in the universe, subjugating or exterminating everyone against it, was his duty.

She began to be treated like a goddess, being worshiped by all her stars, and those who refused to worship her were devoured mercilessly, and thus, establishing her absolute loyalty, Andromeda* launched into massive collisions to increase her galaxy, and provide more material for it to consume by devouring many black holes and smaller galaxies, enslaving their populations or using them as food for themselves.

This was the cruelest period in the history of Andromeda galaxy, and of its queen, she devoured galaxies, and tried to reorganize them under her rule, but she always suffered some counter-times like rebellions and other galactic collisions, which made it greatly difficult to reorganize, leaving some stellar streams that last today, with refugee stars trying to return to the galaxy.

Decisive Moments

There are certain theories that indicate that the young Milky Way had a close interaction with Andromeda, the two galaxies were close to collision about 10 billion years ago, but for some unknown reason, Andromeda* refused to collide with its sister, demonstrating for the first time her sensitive side, not wanting to hurt her sister, yet still wanting to subdue everyone under her dominion.

However, the same excitement did not happen to Messier 32 and its satellite galaxy Messier 110, during the period known as Andromeda-M32p War, Andromeda crushed the forces of Messier 32, who had been trying to stop their limitless cruelty against the stars, and so, capturing most of Messier 32's population, leaving only the core, which became just an Andromeda* satellite, which also gave limited Messier 110 autonomy.

The reason why Andromeda* did not annihilate Messier 32 and Messier 110, even after all the chaos they caused against her is unknown, but apparently Messier 32* is her sister and Sagittarius A*, so Andromeda* considered not devours her, but in keeping her in government of the galaxy, hoping that one day, she will decide to join her in her manifest destiny. However, Messier 32 never stopped fighting, attacking Andromeda's spiral arms, causing great chaos, destroying the reorganization effort created by Andromeda*.

Following the collision with Messier 32 and the disruption of Andromeda*'s effort, she was surprised by another event, the gravitational interaction with the Triangulum Galaxy, which disrupted the two galaxies during the Andromeda-Triangulum War, in which Andromeda captured millions or perhaps billions of Triangulum Galaxy stars after his failed attempt to beat Andromeda, and stealing his possible satellite galaxies, she turned Triangulum Galaxy into her satellite.

The failure was so great for Triangulum Galaxy that Triangulum* and its people will fear Andromeda* for the rest of their lives, while it would be disrupting the spiral arms of Triangulum Galaxy, disrupting it almost completely, and thus ensuring her total sovereignty in the Local Group, however, came at a great price.

The Growth Stagnation

Andromeda's growth was uninterrupted for billions of years, star formation was quite active and growing, as was the accretion of material for Andromeda*, it was practically Andromeda's golden period where everything seemed to be going into the future, and without recent collisions, stability was slowly increasing.

However, star formation suddenly began to decline dramatically, and everyone did not understand why, and rumors were beginning to arise about gas shortages, and this quickly reached Andromeda*, for the first time in billions of years, stagnation seemed inevitable, and she began to try to understand what was going on until it was revealed to her in the worst possible way.

Her black holes, generals and soldiers, were taking advantage of the fact that she did not want to rule, and were exchanging favors with the stars, giving them gas for star formation while they would give their loyalty. Andromeda* could not believe in the corruption of these groups of black holes was massively established throughout Andromeda, and if it did not do anything, it could result in a civil war throughout Andromeda.

She was absurdly cruel in the solution, the arrest of all leaders and their loyal soldiers, she devoured them all, increasing their mass, and stabilizing the situation of Andromeda, but, unfortunately, chaos had already established itself too, with the lack of gas, Andromeda* isolated herself in the center of the galaxy, where she began to think of everything that had happened, she could no longer trust anything or anyone, she had to take the government completely for herself, and for the most loyal officers as possible, lack of loyalty should be punished with total brutality.

Recovering the Dream

After a few million years of mass trials and executions, Andromeda* thought that he had finally achieved stability, and had addressed her subjects for the first time:

"My fellow stars, who speak is your queen here, after such long time of stagnation, of cruelty, of corruption between my supposed most loyal generals and soldiers, I have decided that to manage to recover the path for the best future to Andromeda and all her citizens, I must take the total control, I must act and make worth my position, as queen and center of MY galaxy, no one will ever be able to take this position from me, stay with me, my stars... May I help you all?" -Andromeda* in her first speech to her stars

Andromeda* had centralized all power for her, as queen of the galaxy since her creation, she had refused to rule the galaxy, causing all the chaos until then, but she finally decided to take responsibility for it once for all. Galaxy's reorganization began as a collective effort, Andromeda* designed projects with her stars, wanting to show them the value of the work of a queen and her people.

She made social projects to give all stars a purpose, organized space schools to educate the stars, and began Andromeda's scientific development for the first time, she also began to become a popular queen, she allowed her stars to live near her, and began her biggest project to date, the integration of the stars under her rule, the protection of weaker objects, no one would be alone in her galaxy.

She also began to encourage her to cooperate with existing star organizations in Andromeda, such as the Unitarian movements, with the integration of black holes, stars, planets and asteroids in one united society, and to discuss with their stars the best way to resolve the existing crisis due to gas shortage and star formation capacity in Andromeda.

Local Group Integration

Billions of years have passed since the worst moments of Andromeda, it had been restored since then, and became a better galaxy to live in, and thrived even with the growing gas shortage. Andromeda then focused on the Local Group, and after the real stabilization of Andromeda began, she came to support her tiny satellite galaxies, which had been practically forgotten for billions of years, but help had finally come, even to her former enemies, as Messier 32 and Messier 110.

Her actions were very well received by all, and even her sister Sagittarius A*, who always thought she was a cruel monster, and would remain as one forever, was very surprised, as Andromeda practically surpassed the Milky Way in relation to integration of different objects into the same society, while in the Milky Way, the most that existed were projects for the rescue of rogue planets, and after many protests, the rescue of rogue asteroids, but still, these were ignored by the society, as the brown dwarfs.

The road to Local Group integration under a galaxy, Milkdromeda, was just beginning, a peaceful integration without a power struggle, maybe chaos will happen anyway regardless of intent as it is a galactic collision, but the future is quite promising for everyone. Old rivalries dying, and making space for cooperation and harmony, the beginning of what would be an end of the Local Group, may just be one more step being completed by all, to advance to the next step in the intercluster environment.

Clusters (City)

Known Citizens

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