Antlia 2 is a huge dwarf satellite galaxy of the Milky Way 130,000 light years from Earth, it is larger than the Large Magellanic Cloud, but 10,000 times weaker and diffuse, and is about 1/3 the size of the Milky Way itself, and making it virtually smaller only than the Triangulum Galaxy, the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy, and some suspect that it is the famous and mysterious Galaxy X.

It is composed of old stars, and its size is due to the interaction and cruel dispersion that the Milky Way did against it, for some reason unknown to millions of years ago, however, it had the opposite effect to what the Milky Way thought; By disorganizing it and absorbing its stars, it hoped that it would shrink, and that it would be easier to attach, but it became very disorganized and grew, making it a problem for the Milky Way.

Thanks to this, it is not known if it is an enemy of the Milky Way, because it tried to destroy it, but ended up making it bigger, and thus, reached a position of advantage in the Local Group, however, it was only discovered and cataloged by the Earth recently, shortly before, she had no representative in the Local Group, and now she has, and no one knows what she plans...

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