Moon, remember what I told you a few million years ago? Is happening!
— Earth, The Beginning 3

Earth is the third planet from the Sun, it is the most unique and unique planet in the Universe today, it has life on its surface, and that makes it smarter and more peaceful, and it is the main one responsible for the advances in the Milky Way, she has now become extremely sensitive, asteroids and meteors impacts frighten her greatly, so she has a project to stop it.

It also has a moon, the Moon, a frighteningly large moon compared to it, but the Moon is still small, it is her daughter, and main protector, being hit by many more meteors and asteroids than the Earth, for not having atmosphere, nothing prevents meteors from attacking the Moon.

Despite being a good and friendly planet, she has several projects of probe constructions to explore her neighbors, sometimes leaving her neighbors angry with the amount of probes sent to them.

The Earth is known for being very friendly, but it also has a more extreme side, a super protective side of itself, as she is afraid of losing her life again, so she may be able to take measures that can take her away of its own friends, because its surface covered by water and organic life has become extremely fragile, an impact with a considerable asteroid can end all life on Earth.

The Earth has the Moon, however, also several quasi-satellites, small asteroids that seem to follow the Earth, in which it does not consider them a threat, since these small asteroids are usually less than 1 kilometer in diameter, so it considers these asteroids her friends, and maybe even deserve her protection, because the Earth frankly has many problems with asteroids.

General Behavior

Earth is certainly one of the most open-minded and sympathetic individuals in the universe, there is no stressor or irritation, it just seems to see the whole universe with its core open, embracing each new discovery and new object that appears in the universe, regardless of whether this is a possible threat or not, she just loves to discover and explore more.

The Earth was born in a special place around the Sun, and since its inception, it has already proved to be his favorite, although other planets like Mars and Venus stand out as well, and Jupiter and Saturn have had a strong influence on the Solar System. The earth, however, suffered a devastating blow to her life, the collision with Theia, she had never felt so close to death at that time. Despite this, the Earth has developed into a planet that always loves others, and especially, discovering new things.

Over time, from the invention of the telescope to Galactic Communication, the Earth has had virtually little time for anything, as it practically works tirelessly to discover and explain new things, but in the meantime it always has free time for its friends, her family, the Solar System. After all, Earth's life is quite simple, and so is her personality, she always takes care of life on its surface, protecting them, even if they do anything against her, she still has faith in them, characteristic of her ever since.

Today, the earth is busy doing many things, trying to push the technological boundary across the universe, unraveling things about black holes, and its eternal search to catalog and research all objects in the universe.

History of the Earth


There was a time when all the continents of the Earth were united in only one, the conditions of this supercontinent called Pangea were precarious, basically all the center and north were an endless desert, and the points of the continent connected the North pole to the South pole.

In this period, the continent together, began to separate, and with that, an asteroid collided with the Earth, and killed its hitherto main form of life, the dinosaurs.

Earth's Dynamics

The earth always acts as a living organism, storms, tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes are all too common, and often strike human societies on their surface, causing relative chaos.

Inside the Earth


The Earth, being a planet with life, was invited by the Milky Way, to be head of research of the whole galaxy, the Earth is responsible for all the investigations realized in the Milky Way, and in the outer space, in galaxies like Andromeda Galaxy, Large Magellanic Cloud, and in addition to the Local Group.

Exploration and Research of Space

Earth Telescopes

Research of Space


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