Event Horizon is a region around a black hole in which once the object passes, to the observer out it stops in time, and disappears, and is where the gravitational pull is so strong that nothing, absolutely nothing can survive or escape after having passed through that region, and are totally associated with Black Holes.

Bizarrely, the smaller the black hole, the stronger the attraction of matter to it, and creates an Accretion Disk, but everything is destroyed before arriving in that region, and today, supermassive black holes are softer, an object is stretched and spaghetti within the horizon of events, but all that the Earth understands is that there is no more hope for what to enter into a horizon of events.

Earth Observations


It is impossible to see the black hole, so it is impossible to see the horizon of events, so it is a theoretical region, which could be called by Earth of "Zone where there is nothing alive".

However, observing Sagittarius A*, although some asteroids were brutally destroyed by it, and fallen into its horizon of events, Earth observations, as in clouds like the G2, it survived, but did not come very close to it, to fall into its horizon of events, although Earth was curious to see Sagittarius A* devouring something, it did not, so Earth theorizes that horizons of events are something optional for a black hole.

Perhaps, black holes have two ways of eating something, anything that falls on them, that is, on the horizon of events, in all directions, and by their mouth, in which, they normally devour something, in this case, the attraction of black holes would be void, and by that the Earth, or Jupiter, would be able to survive near it.

Although false, it is the only Earth idea about how it survived certain death being devoured by Sagittarius A*.

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