You're right, the fight has to stop! But I still think the worst awaits us!
— Jupiter, The Beginning 3

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun, it is the largest and strongest of all, despite having disputes with many other planets (including the Sun), it is the defender of the Solar System, besides being influential in a large part of the Solar System, its dozens of powerful moons also make its influence even greater.

His past is a catastrophe to him, almost avoiding the birth of Earth and Mars, and becoming a Hot Jupiter, he was able to overcome that past when Saturn saved him, and now he has a crush on her, but he she is afraid because she does not know if she likes him too, but, as she saved him, they both maintain a sometimes problematic relationship, however, very friendly.

He is the one who suffers many of the impacts coming from the Asteroid Belt, as it influences the asteroids, and prevents them from creating a new planet, and thanks to him, measures against asteroids have been taken, isolating millions of asteroids in Asteroid Belt, who would have to pass through Jupiter or Saturn to escape, and the chance of survival is low.

He is the leader of the Extraterrestrial Vortex Club

General Behavior


This page shows the series of events happening with Jupiter without showing your reactions or impacts on his personality.


Jupiter's moons, because of the chaos of their orbits, decided it was time to reverse the situation, and created small groups of moons to help organize:


Jupiter has 79 known moons, including the 4 Galilean moons, here is a list of those moons.

The 42 Planemos

Dwarf Planets
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