Large Magellanic Cloud is a satellite dwarf of the Milky Way Galaxy at 163,000 light-years from Earth, with only 14,000 light-years in diameter, it is the fourth largest galaxy of the Local Group, it shows a barred spiral structure with a spiral arm, but this arm is extremely disorganized due to interactions with Small Magellanic Cloud and the Milky Way.

Large Magellanic Cloud was not always a pacifist galaxy dwarf galaxy and ally of the Milky Way, history shows that he and Small Magellanic Cloud had met several times, disrupting each other, but in the end, who suffered most in this relationship was Small Magellanic Cloud, and there is even the idea that he broke up with the LMC during a revolt that sparked a civil war in the galaxy.

After these long conflicts, which have left visible marks around the Milky Way to this day, such as the 600,000 light-year-old Magellanic Stream, mostly made up of material from the Small Magellanic Cloud, however, the tired Milky Way interfered with this long conflict, placing order on the two now considered brothers, thus establishing the two as their satellite galaxies.

But recently, with the starburst crisis happening at the LMC due to a major eruption caused about 3 million years ago by Sagittarius A*, and the fragmentation of the Small Magellanic Cloud into the Mini Magellanic Cloud has created tension between the two brothers even after the completion of the construction of the Magellanic Bridge, which should be a sign of unity between the two brothers along the Milky Way.

However, the problem does not end here either, what motivated the conflicts between the two dwarf galaxies has always been the creation of a powerful Great Magellanic Cloud, the union of the stars of both galaxies, to form a galaxy of their own, not a satellite of other galaxy, civil war happened because both sides wanted power for themselves only, and neither won, and the status quo was established by Sagittarius A*, as neither has a central black hole to represent them, only stellar councils, so it was easy to scare them so that they obey her.

In the future however, the tension between the two magellanic clouds is likely to increase, and slowly, LMC will be devoured by the Milky Way, providing gas and stars, triggering a small starburst in the galaxy, and waking Sagittarius A* for a huge meal that can increase its size up to 10 times.


Little is currently known about the past of the LMC or the Small Magellanic Cloud, but possibly there was a curious case in their history, a third member that was devoured by the LMC about 3 to 5 billion years ago, the integration of the galaxy in the whole was somewhat peaceful, and spawned a starburst process, which has since been activated and deactivated in the LMC through its long history.

Practically, this was an event that began the first conflicts between him and the Small Magellanic Cloud, which would only intensify approximately 200 million years ago, but which began with a simple galactic integration that gave the LMC the edge in the race for Great Magellanic Cloud formation.

Relationship with Milky Way

Despite millions or even billions of years of conflict, LMC was the first of the magellanic clouds to fully accept Milky Way hegemony under its galactic situation, wanting to reorganize the galaxy after countless conflicts with the Small Magellanic Cloud, this seemed to be the choice very obvious, but apparently, this partnership between the two does not seem to be very fair.

The Milky Way offered beyond protection the reorganization of the galaxy, made a deal between Sagittarius A* personally with the LMC stellar council, as a formal apology from her for the chaos caused 3 million years ago by reorganizing its globular clusters and gas reserves, despite that, the deal had a counter to the LMC, it would transfer a small percentage of its gas per million years to the Milky Way, which would slowly deplete with its gas, but the stellar council agreed because they knew they had no other valid alternative, and Andromeda Galaxy was certainly not a choice for them that time.

Although most of the LMC population fear with fear the future collision between them and the Milky Way due to the possible misunderstanding chaos and panic by Sagittarius A* leading to mass expulsions or even devouring innocent stars they were just afraid of, as it would not be the first time this happened. Even with this, many stars fear some more internal dangers, such as the possible rise of R136a1 and its sisters to galactic rule, and many think the collision may help Sagittarius A* interfere against them.

The Milky Way-Magellanic War

What star dare even remember this war? The fear of Sagittarius A* by the LMC stars is not simply a fear of black holes, but an event that happened in the past of the LMC about 1 to 3 billion years ago, the LMC's first contact with the Milky Way it was not at all peaceful, and it resulted in a war.

The war lasted only a few hundred million years, and resulted in the Milky Way distorting and nearly destroying the LMC, and the capture of all its dwarf galaxies, which was a severe blow to the LMC as it was already it was in conflict with the Small Magellanic Cloud before, proving how weak the LMC was compared to any other galaxy.

Luckily for the LMC population, Sagittarius A* did not choose to move against the dwarf galaxy as it did not have a central black hole, so Sagittarius A* felt free to just leave them as a satellite galaxy of hers, integrating or by keeping the other small dwarf galaxies previously linked to the LMC. And that is why LMC choose by be friendly to Milky Way instead of continue to stand against her.

Known Citizens

Nebulae and Cities


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