Local Group is the area in which the Milky Way, Andromeda Galaxy and all other dwarf galaxies and satellites are concentrated, being the Milky Way, Andromeda Galaxy and Triangulum Galaxy the largest.



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Problems in Common and Union

Although the Local Group is a peaceful place, but full of competitions and enemies, such as the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way, there is nothing to prevent them and others from having problems that both have to help each other to defend themselves, the Milky Way has a problem with Smith's Cloud, a hydrogen cloud that will collide with it at high speed, and that's a problem, and other galaxies help it with that problem.

Another case is the Andromeda Galaxy and the Triangulum Galaxy, although they are enemies, and Andromeda Galaxy claim it as a satellite galaxy, the two have a problem in common, the HVC 127-41-330, which is a hydrogen cloud with 20,000 light-years of diameter that can be a threat to both, and to the Milky Way as well, and in issues like these, all three major galaxies, Andromeda Galaxy, Milky Way and Triangulum Galaxy unite their forces to combat evil in common.


1º Meeting

The first meeting of the Local Group leaders took place at Andromeda II, the most dwarf galaxy in the center of the Local Group, between the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy, and was basically a reunion between Sagittarius A* and Andromeda*, both sisters who had not seen each other for billions of years, after their separation from the Traumatic Stellar Period. The meeting was cold but good, it was a time after Earth created life and created the Galactic Communication, and so the Andromeda* was angry and aggressive, but it was good and they were both happy to be see again.

2º Meeting

The second meeting took place at the Andromeda Galaxy, with Sagittarius A*, Andromeda* and the Triangulum*, this second meeting happened earlier than planned because of the recent interaction of Andromeda Galaxy with the Triangulum Galaxy, in which, Andromeda Galaxy absorbed millions of stars of the Triangulum Galaxy, and this caused a great tension between the two, and the meeting aimed to solve this.

This may have been their worst meeting, the most terrifying discussions ever took place and no agreement, and so to this day, Triangulum Galaxy joins the Milky Way against Andromeda Galaxy.

3º Meeting

The third meeting was the inauguration of the Milky Way for her sister, Andromeda Galaxy, with the Galactic Communication, the two finally spoke at a distance without needing quasars, and Sagittarius A* invited her sister to come to the Milky Way, and she accepted, and went to the Milky Way.

This meeting was one of the most peaceful, Andromeda* was well with her sister for a few moments, and she wanted a gas trade for her galaxy that was beginning to die, and feeding 1 trillion stars was difficult, and solved to take advantage of her sister's goodness, but she also demonstrated a desire for peace between them, for the old days.

4º Meeting

It was the most recent of the meetings, which took place in the Milky Way, more precisely in the cluster NGC 2419, where the meetings were difficult, since Sagittarius A* and Andromeda* discussed and faced many times, in a meeting that was for discuss about trade between them and the Triangulum Galaxy, which also, the Triangulum* was who reconciled the two sisters, and prevented an inevitable tragic event for a while longer.

 ???º Meeting

There are still many meetings between the leaders of both the Local Group and the intergalactic outside that Sagittarius A* plans, so the total number of planned meetings is still unknown.

The Final Meeting

The last meeting, which will happen 4 billion years from now, will be during the collision between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy, Sagittarius A* hopes to be able to surrender peacefully to her sister, but Andromeda* has other plans...

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