Magellanic Bridge is a neutral hydrogen stream that connects the two Magellanic Clouds, with few stars inside it, was built by Magellanic Clouds as a way of joining the galaxies, allowing greater trade and migration between the two Magellanic Clouds.

Although sometimes confused with Magellanic Stream, which connects Magellanic Clouds with the Milky Way, both are different, and Magellanic Stream can be considered a disaster of intergalactic proportions. But the Magellanic Bridge contains several stars that are crossing the intergalactic space from the Large Magellanic Cloud to the Small Magellanic Cloud and vice versa.

Some star groups, tired of the frequent conflicts between the Magellanic Clouds, decided to settle on the Magellanic Bridge, creating two young clusters, one near the Small Magellanic Cloud and one more in the center between the two Magellanic Clouds.

The Controversy

Despite agreeing to the construction of this great project of integrating the two dwarf galaxies, Small Magellanic Cloud has always suspected something, and for him it became evident after a few million years. It seems that Large Magellanic Cloud created this as a form of SMC star evacuation, as the number of stars coming out of SMC has been growing rapidly, especially with the opportunity given by the Mini Magellanic Cloud.

This has jeopardized the project even after it has been finalized, and the tension between the two brothers has only recently increased, with another conflict already being foreseen in the future, and as both are governed by a stellar council, who overcomes this conflict will take the other galaxy, however, the cost in lives is high because it is a star versus star conflict.

The Milky Way will already make it clear that it wanted to intervene and end this conflict once and for all, but Large Magellanic Cloud begged it not to happen, hopeful of a peaceful solution to the problem, his hopes will be crushed by his brother ruled by corrupt.

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