Magellanic Stream is a stream formed by gas and high-velocity gas clouds extending from the Large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic Cloud, extending for approximately 600,000 light years, and about 180,000 light years from the Milky Way. It is formed by neutral hydrogen disrupted from the both Magellanic Clouds.

The gas was initially thought to be from the Small Magellanic Cloud, for having a small mass, but also for the Large Magellanic Cloud for having a much larger gas reserve. The result was that most of the gas is due to the Small Magellanic Cloud, as well as several stars also created or lost in this stream.

The Refugee Crisis

Magellanic Stream is just a testament to the cruel history of the Magellanic Clouds, LMC and SMC have been in an eternal conflict against each other for nearly 3 billion years, both pursuing the dream of the Great Magellanic Cloud, but Large Magellanic Cloud has been victorious in most battles between the two.

As a result of so many battles, refugees tired of the horrible life on the Small Magellanic Cloud, looking for another home to live in, ended up being lost in intergalactic space, with their fate still quite uncertain. The number of refugees is still largely unknown, but the density of scattered gas is sometimes large enough for stars to be born in intergalactic space.

With the victories of the Large Magellanic Cloud, and the breakdown in a Small Magellanic Cloud civil war with the Mini Magellanic Cloud, the chaos created by both, though in vain, seems to be coming to a conclusion with the Great Magellanic Cloud being formed by the Large Magellanic Cloud, a more peaceful and Milky Way-friendly dwarf galaxy.

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