Do not make stereotypes...
— Mars, Meet Mars

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, he is the most grumpy and angry, his current situation, in which he blames Jupiter, is degrading to him, no atmosphere, he suffers stronger impacts without his magnetic field, the Sun punishes he with his solar winds, everything for him is horrible.

With its two moons, Phobos and Deimos, he, despite not being able to do Jupiter, created along with him a border, the Asteroid Belt, in which he divided the Inner Solar System of the Outer Solar System, which causes a interests between terrestrial and Jovian planets.

He is Earth's favorite planet to seek alien life, and she wants to terraform him so that he looks like her, and she can transfer part of her population to him, for she is getting overwhelmed, despite the Earth's interest, he prefers Venus, his girlfriend, and friend.

General Behavior


This page shows the series of events happening with Mars without showing your reactions or impacts on his personality.


Hesperian Era

Marte Vulcanico

It was a period of time when Mars had an increase in widespread volcanic activity, and covered its surface with extensive lava rivers.

This giant change was an intermediary, which caused Mars to cease to have oceans and perhaps life, to a cold, dry, rusting planet.

Noachian Era

Marte Habitavel

It was an early period of Mars, in which large impacts occurred frequently and there was an abundant presence of water on the surface, and perhaps possibly some species of fauna and flora.

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