Oh of course! So far, my future will be horrible!
— Mercury, The Beginning

Mercury is the first planet from the Sun, it is hot, and most affected by the Sun, as seen that it slowly shrinks due to solar winds hitting it mercilessly, it feels uncomfortable, it is not special, and few planets care with him, one of them, Jupiter, his best friend.

He is not the hottest, he is not the worst, he is not the coldest, he is only the quickest to orbit the Sun, in which, for him, it is not a merit, but a nightmare; So he and Jupiter have a plan to get him out, with 1% chance, Mercury can be ejected from the Solar System, or collide with Mars, Venus or Earth, but for him, anything goes, since it is he who is suffering, not these planets.

General Behavior

Most of the time, Mercury is a moody, angry and hopeless planet, and without any form of optimism, he sees nothing good at all, and is always mocking any joy or optimism on anyone's part of his planetary companions, even if he hates them all, not everyone hates him, especially the Sun.

Mercury's relationship with the Sun is extremely problematic, Mercury gets every problem the sun has, flares, solar storms and light, Mercury never escapes the problems of stars, and therefore, it has a peculiar feeling of hatred for any star, for he thinks that they are all exactly alike, and above all that they all cause problems for the planets.

Mercury may sometimes be a supporter of the Rogue Planet, starless planets, in which, he considers them to be truly free of their greatest problems, he supports the creation of a star-independent planet society, but generally as the smallest planet in the Solar System, few pay attention to it.

Mercury suffers greatly from a past that still haunts him, his sister's collision with him in the past, in which he destroyed his crust, giving him this characteristic of being an iron planet, and ever since, the force of the Sun has consumes it, because it is shrinking, and has witnessed the Sun devour some planets, he considers that because he is so weak to fight the Sun, these poor souls destroyed by him, and many other stars, will never have their revenge.

After all, Mercury is a planet that routinely interacts with others, especially with Venus and Mars, since Mercury is not a fan of the Jovian giants, but still talks to them, and usually also speaks to Earth, in which, he even considers her achievements, but does not see the real benefit to themselves in this.


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