Messier 110 is an elliptical dwarf satellite galaxy of the Andromeda Galaxy, it is possibly a remnant of what was once a large galaxy in the past, as there are peculiar gas lines and young stars in its core, which is extremely unusual for elliptical galaxies; contrary to Messier 32, it does not appear to have a supermassive black hole at its center, which indicates that there is no leader coordinating the galaxy.

Andromeda Galaxy seems to take a lot of advantage of it because there is no leader, most of the galaxy is totally deficient of any interstellar gas, probably absorbed by Andromeda Galaxy or possibly expelled by supernovae, which leaves his population in an almost complete decline.

Earth also theorizes that currently, it actually would have been a Messier 32 satellite galaxy in its glorious past, but that was annihilated by the interaction and absorption of Andromeda Galaxy, which annihilated it and its empire of satellite galaxies.

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