Messier 32 or M32p is a dwarf galaxy currently orbiting Andromeda Galaxy, it became a satellite of it, but its past is somewhat obscure, it was the sister galaxy of the Milky Way galaxy, but it ended up colliding and being annexed by Andromeda Galaxy cruelly.

Her collision with Andromeda Galaxy took most of her stars, and contributed to Andromeda Galaxy's growth, as she was the Local Group's third largest galaxy at that time. It is probably a young galaxy, because it should have many stars more than 2 billion years old, if it were a common elliptical galaxy, but it has very young stars proving to be a galaxy still young.

Although recents by the Milky Way have not come to help her, she is now more focused on her reconquest of her lost territory to Andromeda Galaxy, she still does not know how to do it, but now with Andromeda Galaxy's victory over the Milky Way and the Triangulum Galaxy be almost inevitable, she may be the last hope for her sister.

Two billion years ago, it collided with Andromeda Galaxy, was stretched and destroyed, and received no help, and so Andromeda Galaxy won without much effort, attaching her, and leaving her nucleus as her satellite,Andromeda Galaxy however, paid a price dear for this, its structure was collapsed and destroyed because of the "war" and it still continues to distort the arms of Andromeda Galaxy a little.

With the sister of the Milky Way being attached, the Milky Way will be the next, and Triangulum Galaxy too, and in billions of years, all the Local Group, will something stop Andromeda Galaxy?

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