Milky Way is a spiral galaxy barred technically 25,000 light years from Earth, in this case its Galactic Center, it is the home of Earth and almost all its friends, neighbors and stars. It is characterized by Sagittarius A*, which is somewhat friendly and passive, but not always, the Milky Way seems to be somewhat cannibal but not as obvious as Andromeda Galaxy.

Her Main History


The Milky Way was born in the traumatic period, to the point that Sagittarius A* settled in place with plenty of gas, after consuming enough gas around it, Sagittarius A* became unstable, and created relativistic jets, which began to heat up and encouraging the formation of stars around them, so Sagittarius A* had an arduous task of caring for these stars, but it was still a chaotic time, and several black holes invaded the young Milky Way, devouring or capturing thousands of stars.

With this constant loss, Sagittarius A*, to defend her stars, began to be aggressive and cruel, conquered and devoured several other black holes trying to create galaxies as well, which consequently had to destroy her in order to thrive, and they failed; Sagittarius A* continued this reign of terror for a long time, until her galaxy stabilized like a disk.

After stabilization, the young Milky Way, which was still just a cluster of gas and stars, began to create its first globular clusters while obtaining others from other galaxies, in which it gravitationally captured them, and many of them are governed by their own former rivals, who were spared by her, and then became her allies.

Some Collisions

Milky Way did not thrive without collisions, during its inception it consumed several dwarf galaxies, which were annexed, but its citizens had some rights and duties, but in general Sagittarius A* never needed or thought to enslave anyone, because it, not as good or peaceful as she was now, but she thought more of the stars than herself, seeking their prosperity rather than herself.

It was then that certain terrible events happened, after a long collision with the Gaia-Enceladus Galaxy, millions of stars were lost in intergalactic space, making it Sagittarius A*'s task to rescue them, however, there was some hesitation and hatred towards to this, but she eventually accepted, something similar also occurred to Gaia Sausage, but she always ended up becoming peaceful again, and avoiding any harm to the stars.

Silence Period

After much chaos but progress, the Milky Way began to enter a static state, fear and distrust contaminated all the stars, and a dark future was the fear of many, the closest to Sagittarius A*, the fear of being consumed. Farther afield, the fear of not knowing how the central black hole of the galaxy was, how massive or large, these factors transformed the Milky Way from a prosperous place to a sea of ​​fear.

Everything was a bit dark, the stars lived their normal lives, but not knowing what to expect from tomorrow, the traumatic period was still in the minds of many, and since the subjugation to black holes, there has been little technological progress, with the stars over 5 billion years after the traumatic period, as if they were still in the medieval age.

In addition, the stars lived and observed a much more violent Local Group, several galaxies colliding, mainly with neighboring Andromeda Galaxy, while the Milky Way swallowed some dwarf galaxies, integrating their stars in a more peaceful way.

The Age of Progress

Despite the dark period of the Milky Way's history, one day a great event happened, a starburst event gave rise to thousands of stars, one of which was the Sun, which then created its Solar System, where Earth, the future great inventor and guardian of progress and the light of wisdom, she was born, and quickly developed, creating some technologies like telescopes to observe other more distant stars.

One day, Earth discovered a large light source in the center of the Milky Way, Sagittarius A*, and using the radio waves created by the black hole, Earth first contacted her, and then a production in mass media, cell phones, computers, cameras, televisions and other things quickly emerged.

This was a golden period of the Milky Way, technology development gave life to the once dead galaxy, stars communicated with each other even thousands of light years, and even in neighboring galaxies, the distribution of information and technologies began spread rapidly throughout the galaxy as well as in intergalactic space, allowing Sagittarius A* not only to restructure the galaxy itself but to gain contact with isolated star groups such as globular clusters and dwarf galaxies.

This technology revolution quickly spread everywhere, so the name Earth became absurdly famous, and so practically everyone knew it, as well as the Sun, its solar system, and Sagittarius A*.

Modern Galaxy

The Milky Way's breakthroughs in technology have really paved the way for it, but it has certainly also given birth to more problems, immigration, corrupt and cruel black holes, leadership failures, galactic disorder, and many controversies over annexation of Sagittarius Dwarf, the social movements, and the asteroid issue.

The Milky Way has really started to have many problems, the group called Star Destroyer, is a quasi-terrorist organization of hidden black holes that attack stars and solar systems, until they totally destroy them, thus obtaining fear, and rates from the local population from which they live acting, however, Milky Way's Army is now on alert to counter this internal threat.

Another issue that is always present is the issue of immigration of foreign stars to the Milky Way, something that has become common since the annexation of some dwarf galaxies, including Sagittarius Dwarf, although the population of the galaxy has accepted and integrated quite a lot of these stars, they still cause disorder, and many join the social movements, quite numerous, because the Milky Way does not yet seem to have an established law and its leader does not seem to be strong enough to implement this equality to all.

There is also corruption and very large power planning in the Milky Way, the Milky Way's general black holes are generally not in favor of Sagittarius A* pacifist policies, but in favor of a stronger galaxy, suppressing anything that hinder its greatness, and everything must be sacrificed if necessary in its name.

The last problem of the Milky Way, would be asteroids, these small objects, small rocks, tend to be badly seen by everyone around them, planets and stars, and some black holes, as they share certain aspects and thoughts. However, asteroids are not immortal like black holes, and suffer harsh death punishments from everyone around them, colliding with planets, stars, or being devoured by black holes, especially Sagittarius A*, which sometimes has large flares for devouring asteroids from the huge cloud of asteroids around it.

Sagittarius A* has no regard for asteroids, she doesn't care about them, and often even hates them deepening, because they are attacking the main cause of her galaxy's progress, Earth, so she swallows them without much thought, and without feeling regrets, and asteroids suffer, however, certain groups of asteroids tend to come together, and fight for this boundless cruelty, because of some asteroids, to continue happening.

Great Revolts

The Milky Way, over the last million years, has gone through several major revolts, since the last eruption of Sagittarius A* relativistic jets due to her lunch indigestion, large groups of previously repressed and ignored objects have rebelled, as the planets, which wanted to fight against the star abandonment and consumption of planets, which not even black holes did, while the brown dwarfs entered the cause of the planets.

The asteroids also plan big things, by allying themselves with black hole candidates running for election, they want more support and rights, but their social movements have been more severely repressed by Sagittarius A*, simply because of the inferiority she thinks of asteroids, as totally insignificant beings, more worthy of being considered mere rocks than living objects.

A present and active rebellion also by Star Destroyer was the Cygnus X-1 revolt, considered the first stellar black hole discovered by Earth, Cygnus X-1 now considered itself the true and worthy queen of the Milky Way thus, as she also sees all celestial objects as beings inferior to black holes, however, she even regards asteroids and brown dwarfs as unworthy beings, but deserving their protection and affection, and warns everyone that when she to win the prime black hole elections, the true reign of the Milky Way will begin.

Future Problems

Naturally, every galaxy will have a birth crisis, and the Milky Way is no different, as it is slowly ceasing to form stars, and certainly not something like its sister Andromeda Galaxy, which has almost completely ceased, but will be slower and slower. It is unstable, as gas tends to become stable and unstable depending on conditions, and Sagittarius A*, like its galaxy, tends to be quite peaceful.

On the other hand, as a galaxy initiative, Smith's Cloud is now returning to the Milky Way once again, having caused great chaos on its first pass, and the fragile, weak cloud of gas has proven to be much more than a major problem, however, its presence and collision over the next 30 million years will be harnessed by Sagittarius A* to accelerate the birth of stars in the galaxy, making it once again prosperous.

Although peaceful, the Milky Way shows a violent and cruel side like any other galaxy, and this occurs immediately, as the Milky Way swallows the gas of its gas-rich neighbors Large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic Cloud, in which both are well distorted and create plenty of stars, serving only as Milky Way puppets, both will one day collide with it, giving much star-forming material, but also material for Sagittarius A* to consume, becoming active once again in the her story, but it will only occur in 1 or 2 billion

Over billions of years, several of the Milky Way's dwarf galaxies will be consumed by it to survive and continue to thrive, but inevitably, Andromeda Galaxy is coming, and the entire galaxy is starving for the gas that the Milky Way has in the meantime between the central black holes can lessen the chaos of the process, and ultimately form the giant Milkdromeda.


The Milky Way has a population of only visible and normal stars, according to Earth data, from about 200 to 500 billion stars, and at least 100 billion planets, and an unknown number of stars with low mass, and it has about and 10 billion white dwarfs, and at least 1 billion neutron stars (of various types: pulsars, magnetars and neutron stars) and at least hundreds of millions of black holes.

According to Earth data too, there are more rogue planets than planets orbiting stars, which shows a significant rate of planets ejected and lost by the Milky Way, which is a serious concern for all stars since the V391 Pegasi b began its revolution against the stars that barely treat their planets, it means that there is a significant population of planets capable of rebelling against the stars.

A program to help all objects in need is a difficult task almost impossible, Earth data would be overloaded if it had to catalog every object that needs help in the Milky Way, but there are attempts in progress, orders from Sagittarius A* are from that Milky Way's Army rescue all the planets and asteroids for the molecular clouds, and safety the brown dwarfs.

Fermi's Bubbles

Although they are invisible to the stars, Earth has detected what would prove to be the last meal of Sagittarius A*, two nearly 23,000 light-year bubbles that extend from the Galactic Plane, these bubbles are made of gamma rays , of a possible quasar recently of Sagittarius A*, at least about 6 to 9 million years ago, and this would have been one of the greatest "burps" of it in the recent past.

The gas in these two bubbles contains enough material to create up to 2 million stars like the Sun, a fresh gas for stars to be born as the Earth would say, and that might have been a good thing, and one of the proofs for Earth that Sagittarius A* is a black hole with some digestion problems, since in this last big snack of her, she did not swallow any significant part of her snack, creating these huge bubbles.

Although many have seen this, it seems to be new news for all, as the gas was almost invisible, and the jet at the Sagittarius A* in the Galactic Center is bright, but almost invisible, and despite having caused much fear among the stars, the news quickly became a good thing, this gas can be used for the formation of a new generation of stars, gas that Sagittarius A* could have devoured all, but apparently not out of benevolence, it failed, and expelled most out of the Milky Way.

Arm States

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Clusters (City)

As a country, the Milky Way also has many population concentrations called clusters, in which thousands of stars live, and necessarily work there, to maintain the cluster.

Usually these places are difficult to live in due to concentration and problems, especially as the clusters approach the Galactic Center.


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