Nemesis is a red dwarf star hypothetically 1.5 light-years from Earth, somewhat more distant than the Oort Cloud, and that it would be to blame for some periods of extinctions on Earth, and it was also she who launched Theia against Earth, and these and other reasons, she was expelled from the Solar System along with Planet X by the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn.

Alongside Planet X for a long time, since Theia's death, they were both allegedly responsible for various attacks on the Solar System, because disturbing the Oort Cloud, they cause the diversion of millions of meteors and comets into the Solar System, reaching the Earth.

These huge problems causing the total banishment of the Solar System, nor forgiven it would return, and prefers to be in isolation with Planet X, which in the last period has changed a lot of opinion, becoming in favor of the Solar System, and nothing that Theia was the real culprit for everything that happened, and therefore, nothing more should be done in favor of it.


In fact, along with Planet X, they never really wanted to be evil, but, Theia convinced them that they along with her would be expelled from the Solar System, and forgotten forever, but in their fear, they turned out to be cruel, and being expelled then they probably learned to make their own decisions without being influenced by other objects that may be evil, but, they still have not lost the hurt of being expelled...

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