Why are you saying this? If we're going to be lonely forever too!
— Neptune, The Beginning 2

Neptune is the eighth and last planet from the Sun, he is the most isolated, and especially, the one who least maintains friendships with the other planets, but prefers to stay with his best friend Pluto, the dwarf planet, in which he seems to care more than with his brother Uranus.

It has several moons, and a small ring system, similar to Uranus, it also has several storms on the same level as Jupiter, because its winds are the strongest winds in the Solar System.

His only big moon is Triton, his son, who is on a slow collision course with him, as well as orbiting him counterclockwise.

General Behavior


This page shows the series of events happening with Neptune without showing your reactions or impacts on his personality.


Neptune has 14 known moons, here is a list of those moons.

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