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R136a1 is a Wolf-Rayet star in the center of the cluster R136, within the NGC 2070, within the Tarantula Nebula, 163,000 light years from Earth, being the most massive and luminous star known by it.

She is the center of her cluster, surrounded by other Wolf-Rayet stars as she, also very massive and luminous, and all cause a beautiful chaos around her, and mainly to be known for wanting to devour everything.

It is not known if she has a binary pair, but she would not need one, she has solar winds and a luminosity capable of blinding other planets and stars that are not Wolf-Rayet stars or Black Holes, making it much more dangerous.

As it is extremely massive, it must be under 1 million years old, and may already begin to die, and for all its mass, it is not as large, nor as hot as the hottest stars, but it is so extreme in two aspects, that if it were in all, it would self-annihilate of its own accord.

Already in perhaps as little as 50,000 years, R136a1 has expanded to 30 Rʘ, cooled to ~50000 K, and lost almost 20% of its mass.

In the future, R136a1 will continue to evolve very rapidly. By the time it reaches 200,000 years old, it will likely become a smaller (~3-5 Rʘ, 120 Mʘ) and hotter (>300000 K) star made of primarily helium. Soon after, it will likely explode as a supernova, leaving behind a black hole.


Not much is known about their little personality or life, Earth now understands more about Wolf-Rayet stars are not cruel because they want to, but because of a need, with so much mass, their core is put under enormous pressure, leaving them more aggressive, and consuming more gas and anything, they stay alive for a few more years.

As has been noted a few times, it is not impossible to talk to R136a1, she has a somewhat civilized instinct, and is even able to write letters to others, and shows until she knows what a black hole is, and she can not devours them, but she will still try to devour anything that is capable, or that does not serve her immediate interests.

Like any massive Wolf-Rayet, it will die in a Supernova when its huge core collapses into itself, and inevitably turns into a black hole, and its sisters do the same, which means that the R136 will turn into a huge cluster of black holes in a few million years.

Main Objectives

R136a1 is quite different from many other massive stars, unlike being extremely aggressive, with little intellectual ability or any awareness, she wants to be much more, and really can achieve that. Being very massive and bright, R136a1 offers risk to everyone around her, who really fear her, and would never want her around, let alone as their leader.

R136a1 after collapsing like a black hole, her sisters will do the same and she will have at her disposal an army of black holes, in which she will be placed as the absolute leader of the Large Magellanic Cloud, and she will become the queen, changing totally the dwarf galaxy probably turning against the Milky Way.

Her reign will be difficult, she will be a small and still weak black hole, unable to fight Sagittarius A* or any other, so she would easily be destroyed, however, during the annexation of her galaxy against the Milky Way, she and her sisters will disappear into the Milky Way in a common cluster.

After disappearing into the Milky Way, she and her sisters started a Star Destroyer-like organization in which she will attack stars and bring them to the R136a1 to consume her to at least fight the generals of Sagittarius A*, and thus guarantee its partial power over the Milky Way.

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