SDSS J140821.67+025733.2* is an "ultramassive" black hole 17 billion light-years from Earth, it is the largest black hole currently known to Earth, with astounding 196 billion solar masses, and Earth never understood how it could have achieved such a large mass in such a short time in the Universe, but it did, and the results for Universe are not good at all.

She is cruel, in the very cruel style, she does not care about anything, to her, everything is just food, she is so big, she can barely see what she eats, and so she never had direct contact with a star, and so the stars are nothing to her, and not black holes.

She has absolutely no form of feeling, no irrational she is, she is a high form to the extreme of nonsense, she is a monster, but it seems that even the monsters have more pity than she, and as she is the biggest, she does whatever she wants, she is not afraid of anything, for nothing can fight her or destroy her, but for all her arrogance, she has a fragile spot, her galaxy, whether she cares or not, and to care of her galaxy, she has to take care of the gas and the stars, and so, even if only out of interest, she devours more gas than stars, in which she only ejects them if they get too close.

As for its size, which is 98 times the size of Pluto's orbit, it is the size of a small nebula in which it could easily swallow completely if it came close, and this is the fear it has taken so long since its discovery , the entire Universe is afraid of it, it is irrational, and it is far from the Earth to know it, but for all, the only absolute truth is that it is really far away.

Her vision

She has an extremely scary face to say the least, but the fear she causes to anyone is also her biggest flaw, her sight is extremely bad, she can barely see a defect in which all objects with deformed eyes have on some level, be it an extremely poor sight to a slightly bad sight.

This is her greatest fault, she simply can not know what she does, not that it makes any difference, for she would be even more cruel if she could see the fear in her victims, but that would stop her a little, since she never knows if there are stars near her.

The ten most massive black holes
The ten most massive black holes

1)TON 618* • 2)Holmberg 15A* • 3)IC 1101* • 4)S5 0014+81* • 5)SDSS J102325.31+514251.0* • 6)H1821+643* • 7)NGC 6166* • 8)APM 08279+5255* • 9)NGC 4889* • 10)Phoenix A*

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