Let the revolution begin!
— Saturn, The Beginning 3

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun, it is a giant Jovian planet, and the second largest of the Solar System, it displays its wonderful rings and certain violent storms.

It is the wonderful planet with rings, but how its rings formed or continue to exist until today is a mystery, for its formation, it is theorized that a comet struck with one of its moons, that was thrown to her, and she disintegrated the moon, and formed her rings.

Her rings still exist because of a series of small moons that take over and maintain her rings for her, thus keeping some of the integrity of her rings, and moons like Enceladus expel material, which increase the rings.

In addition to it have rings much larger than the visible ones, but, these are formed by lower gas density and dust.

General Behavior


This page shows the series of events happening with Saturn without showing your reactions or impacts on her personality.


Saturn has 82 known moons, here is a list of those moons.


It has been seen that the moons of Saturn, unlike those of Jupiter, are much more separated, and not the greater moons accept to stay with each other.

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