Small Magellanic Cloud is a dwarf galaxy of the Milky Way Galaxy 200,000 light years from Earth, and with only 7,000 light-years in diameter, it is the smaller brother of the Large Magellanic Cloud, and both are very similar, although it is smaller, and this weaker, however, active.

His story however, is full of tragedy and conflict, its emergence possibly was a great civil war that began in the Large Magellanic Cloud, and which ended in his separation with his supposed brothers, who would continue the conflict for a long time, and SMC was certainly the who suffered the most, with the gas strip extending over 600,000 light-years from his gas and stars, following numerous conflicts and interactions with the Large Magellanic Cloud.

It has some sort of nucleus, which would mean it would be a somewhat spiraling galaxy in the past, but numerous interactions with the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Milky Way disrupting it almost completely. So he has a lot of retaliation against his alleged brother and the Milky Way itself. But he is quite forced to ally with her because of trade and what appears to be a major refugee crisis on the Magellanic Stream.

Trying to correct an old problem, Large Magellanic Cloud proposed to the SMC and the Milky Way to build the Magellanic Bridge, which would integrate the two galaxies, both in trade and stellar immigration, which was accepted by the three galaxies, but in a few million, SMC would accuse the Milky Way and the Large Magellanic Cloud of planning his breakdown between the two, further exacerbating the tension between the two brothers.

Not a Galaxy to Live

The SMC administration is virtually one of the most chaotic in the universe, making it a terrible galaxy to live, containing a huge population of X-ray binaries, neutron stars or black holes devouring other innocent stars, basically crime and impunity. They are almost normal in the SMC, and the Stellar Council that governs it seems little concerned with seeking help in solving this, or even ever solve this.

What now results is that SMC is in a minor civil war, with the separation of the Mini Magellanic Cloud from the main part of SMC, and not officially recognized as an independent dwarf galaxy, but is being supported by the Large Magellanic Cloud. This only makes matters worse with the SMC by publicly stating that the Large Magellanic Cloud is supporting terrorists within SMC for their own benefit, even though the SMC government itself is unable to handle such impunity in the galaxy.

In the Milky Way, Sagittarius A* would have already intervened to end this problem, reaching the extreme of mobilizing Milky Way's Army to invade the SMC, but it was detained by the Large Magellanic Cloud, which ensured that it would solve this long problem between him and his brother alone. However, LMC also deals with its own internal problems, such as the possible rise of R136a1 and its sisters, while the SMC, despite having no dangerous clusters, suffers from a government that seems little interested in taking care of the population.

Magellanic Conflicts

SMC almost always lost to the Large Magellanic Cloud, and the reason was sometimes quite clear, SMC's government did not get support from the galaxy's black holes, nor did it have enough population to withstand the LMC attacks, which were practically fighting wars with technology from the Traumatic Stellar Period, of knights against knights.

The result was tragic, but it was never noticed by the ruling elite of SMC, which, practically to ensure their own safety, launched the entire galaxy into a conflict that could not win by them, and that was when the Magellanic Stream crisis began. Noted by the population of the SMC and the Local Group itself, however, the oppression and dominant chaos in the SMC prevented the population from taking any action against it.

About 1 billion years ago, after the disaster of The Milky Way-Magellanic War, in which it was a time when the SMC was just a Large Magellanic Cloud satellite galaxy after so many conflicts after being released from the control of LMC by Sagittarius A*, SMC had again launched a conflict against the Large Magellanic Cloud, taking advantage of its tragic defeat against the Milky Way, and its weakening, but the result was certainly not expected, with the population of the LMC tired of war, fought like never before to defend their galaxy from a hated enemy.

Insistence on Independence

Just to wreak havoc, unlike the Large Magellanic Cloud, accepting the Milky Way's supremacy, and being helped to reorganize, SMC insists on its total independence from any outside aid, focusing on some projects for galactic reconstruction, which fail one after the other, and with that, the population began to lose faith in the government, which, realizing this, began to use a massive propaganda network against the enemies of the galaxy.

SMC is practically the only galaxy in the Local Group that receives no news from Galactic News, as it has banned anything from the Milky Way, seeing the LMC as a fool who accepts to pay for useless help from an enemy that nearly destroyed it, thus virtually it establishes what should be a stellar democracy, as a true dictatorship of stars ruled by stars, not a cruel black hole, as might be expected.

And that only gets worse, as Sagittarius A*'s mobilization of Milky Way's Army did not deter the SMC government, which remained firm in its conflict against the Large Magellanic Cloud, which begged Sagittarius A* not to intervene, as LMC knew that the SMC would launch all its forces against the Milky Way until there were no survivors, that was everyone's fear, as the SMC stellar council fears being captured by the Sagittarius A*'s army and being tried and devoured by it for their crimes.

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