Solar System is the main solar system within the Milky Way, and possibly the Universe, the solar system is a large family of celestial objects like any other system, but this system becomes very important when life on Earth flourishes and the Earth becomes intelligent and begins to develop technologies and makes the Universe connected, and more alive.

The solar system consists of 1 star and 8 main planets, plus trillions of smaller objects such as moons, dwarf planets and asteroids, all of which live in a somewhat organized system, separated by asteroids, in the Asteroid Belt, Kuiper Belt and the final frontier that is the Oort Cloud, the farthest place in the solar system.

Another border of the solar system is created by the sun's solar wind, which creates a bubble in the interstellar material, and that would be a protection of the Sun against the solar winds of other stars, in protection to its own solar system.


The solar system began with Solar Nebula, the mother of the Sun, within a molecular cloud, which was the sun's grandmother, and so she created and took care of the extremely young Sun until it formed completely, and have a Protoplanetary Disk, where their planets formed, and what remained were asteroids.

Probably the solar system had more planets, but they were ejected or devoured by the Sun at some point in its history, and this makes the planets have siblings lost, and maybe they're still there, alone and practically invisible to Earth or to the Sun, Planet X and Planet Nine are what they say.

Stability and Evolution

The solar system is centered on the Sun, and Jupiter and Saturn also control part of the system, being the "helper" of the Sun, while Jupiter helps protect Earth from asteroids, and Saturn pretty much does the same, but is somewhat to their rings, all work anyway to maintain stability.

The Earth is the center of the system in importance, after the Sun itself, it contains life, and it invented all the technologies of the Universe, and the Galactic Communication for the transmission of information and knowledge through the Universe, and Universe is a connected and living place, with everyone having their lives normal and connected.


The Solar System in the Milky Way

The solar system currently occupies a position of enormous importance in the Milky Way, just behind the Galactic Center, the solar system orbits the Galactic Center every 225 to 250 million of years, and the orbit is somewhat strange, passing through the spiral arms very rarely, because it's a dangerous place, full of stars that can be supernovae the solar system is an extremely good and stable place, making it an ideal place to live, and is currently the innovation center of Milky Way, and Sagittarius A* usually make a protection zone around the solar system to protect it from dangerous elements in the galaxy, like black holes of Star Destroyer.

Unlike many objects in the solar system, the Milky Way has a reasonable influence on the solar system, the galaxy's gas can influence and change the shape of the Oort Cloud, which can throw many asteroids and comets into the central solar system where it can cause a chaos by the planets, and hit Earth, but where the solar system is currently, was hit by the last supernova to 35,000 years.


The solar system is located within the Local Interstellar Cloud, and is close to the G-Cloud, and would be where they would be interacting, as well as the Local Bubble, all located and spanning approximately 300 light-years.

There are relatively few stars in the vicinity of the Sun, with the Alpha Centauri System being the closest and the best friends in the Solar System, along with Barnard's Star, Wolf 359, Luhman 16 A and Luhman 16 B, and Sirius A and Sirius B, the neighbors more massive and luminous than the Sun. And there is also the object of free planetary mass, like WISE 0855−0714, with less than 10 masses of Jupiter.

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