Sun is a yellow dwarf star that cares for the Solar System, it is its nucleus, and everything revolves around it, both physically and the decisions of each participant of the System. The Sun is known by its neighborhood not only as a star that has a planet with life, but by many other stars to have a fall for him, like Tau Ceti, Vega and Sirius A.

He has a mother, the Solar Nebula, who died a long time ago, about 4.4 billion years ago, it became his Protoplanetary Disk, in which his planets were born, he could be considered the father, but he is only a brother of certain form of the planets.

His mother told him still baby that he would be the most incredible and important star of the Universe, that he did not have to be massive, luminous or giant to be someone, and she was right, today he cares for Earth, a planet with life in its surface, it is intelligent, and it created things that revolutionized the Universe forever, giving life to it, with all being able to communicate, and society flourishing.

The Sun often reminds his mother, he asks why she's gone, it was his fault, but it was inevitable, all the stars do it, until the Earth has life, he was just another star, he sometimes talks to himself , wanting his mother to see him, he does not know but she's seeing him, and she's as proud as she can.

He also has a grandmother, Primal Supernova, she was a very massive star, who exploded and gave rise to one of the components that his mother was part of, a large molecular cloud, her remnant (Maybe a neutron star, or even a black hole) left at his mother's request to protect It, however, she in the form of molecular cloud still continued to observe all in silence.

Other objects also contributed to the formation of the Sun, other exploding supernovae gave birth to the collapse that would form the Sun, and some supernovae during their formation left the Solar Nebula with the necessary elements for the formation of planets.

General Behavior

The Sun is quite unstable, on the one hand, a father figure, he defends his Solar System from anything, and always does his best as a mediator of his planets, besides always learning things from Earth. He often proves to be a coward and afraid of anything bigger than himself.

The Sun is a hard-working star, he has not earned his reputation for having a planet alive from nothing, he has been cautious in his Solar System, never letting things get out of control, and always choosing to live in peaceful places, demonstrating that since the at first he was a wise star, always trying to improve himself and work harder for the future.

Left by his mother and grandmother alone with their brothers and sisters, they were slowly separating, and their destinies were quite different, the Sun's mother, Solar Nebula, never had a chance to take care of her son as she wanted, because she was practically no longer alive, and it was only a matter of time before she disappeared, she could never teach the Sun how to survive in cold and cruel space, nor how to deal with what it would find in the Milky Way.

For the quick loss of his mother, Sun in the beginning, throughout his childhood, was a happy star on the outside, but inside, he tortured himself, sadness always consumed him sometimes, sadness for the loss of his mother, to be in an environment alone, and with no one to guide him, but on the contrary, he had to guide them, his Solar System, and he had to mature quickly and learn to handle everything. Through the technique of intense observation and distrust, the Sun was avoiding the Milky Way monsters and surviving along with its planets, but at the same time, it was seeing terrible scenes, supernovae, giant stars dying, or devouring smaller stars, black holes, white dwarfs, neutron stars, his list of fears was just growing.

Over time, in the teens of the Sun, he became a little more carefree, but with the development of Earth's telescopes, he took the opportunity to learn more about many things in which he just ran away, and realize that in the end, he was always right to avoid them, and thus develop his knowledge of things.

The Sun, however, despite being quite friendly and companion at any given time, shows to be a little stressed at times, like a star, its sunspots and sun winds show its personality intensely, and any stress from it results in more activity, but, your planets can defend themselves against it, and in the end, for Earth, it has been proven that the heliosphere around the solar system defends all of it from cosmic rays and other harmful things.

Despite its Earth-like curiosity, the Sun has quite opposite reactions, while the Earth loves to find out more about everything, the Sun thinks it could live very well without knowing some things like black holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs. He has a rather great fear of the unknown, and these dead objects are usually lethal, with evil intent or not, so he avoided them at all costs, and settled in a peaceful neighborhood with few of those objects around.

The Sun sometimes, after all, is sometimes quite cowardly, as it quite refuses to go to certain places that it knows are dangerous, such as the Galactic Center, or anywhere outside the Milky Way itself. Unlike Earth, which also enjoys traveling through the Local Group, the Sun has a great fear of the Andromeda Galaxy, and usually only leaves the Milky Way following Earth.

The Sun's overall relationship with his planets is usually neutral, but always friendly, he cares for them, talks to them, and tries to do his best to keep them all together, even if sometimes difficult, the Sun will always face challenges for the others that he loves, and especially for his family.


Once alone taking care of his planets, the Sun was venerable to any threat, fortunately one day he found his grandmother, since she left to not hurt or consume him, after she had found him again, she made herself somewhat obsessive and over-protective of the sun, she always sees where he is, and follows him wherever he goes, she wants to ensure the sun's total safety, and will do anything for it, she doesn't want to lose him again.

The Sun, however, does not like his grandmother to follow him anywhere, he fears that she in her ever desperate attempt to keep him safe, ends up consuming some innocent, it shows that even if the Sun loves his grandmother, he always retains a little fear of black holes, as it always has, since they were just stories.

Meet Sun

Sun got his own episode where he describes himself, on the episode he says he is the core of his Solar System and is the largest and most massive thing in the Solar System, but he confesses and admits he is tiny compared to other stars, and says many things in the universe scares him, but says not to tell anyone.

The episode also confirms that he likes Tau Ceti.


Red Giant Phase

After exhausting all the hydrogen, the fusion in the Sun ends, causing the gravity to overcome and to make the Sun shrink, but the fusion reacts, expanding the outer layers of the Sun, at that moment the temperature of the surface of the Sun can reach millions of degrees in some areas, so it will devour most of the inner planets of the Solar System like Mercury, Venus and perhaps Earth. Maybe because there is a probability our planet will survive, because the bigger the star, the smaller its gravity, and that can give Earth a chance to escape the Sun.

White Dwarf Phase

After the giant red phase, the Sun will condense, and will shrink to approximately the size of the Earth, in that period Andromeda Galaxy and Milky Way will be colliding, and the Sun may have already been devoured by Sagittarius A*, or has already been expelled from the galaxy , but some septillions of years later, if the Solar System is still alive, the planets will stop spinning around the sun, because they will already have slowed down too much, and will fall into the sun.

History of the Sun

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