Tidal Disruption Event is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when a star comes very close to the Event Horizon of a supermassive black hole in which the star is drawn with so much violence that it is disrupted by the enormous force of the black hole, creating the effect of spaghettification.

This was an event considered by Earth to be inevitable, and proven after the explosion of x-rays seen in several supermassive black holes hidden in the galactic centers, resulting in huge flares. These events are the only proof that the Earth has, when studying normal galaxies, with black holes considered dormant.

Today, this explanation server for several events that are still a mystery, as the ASASSN-15lh, and the Earth makes available on sites throughout the Milky Way, list of events of this type, which she considers to be normal, however, she does not observe as many cases as there are less than 100 observed cases of extremely harsh black holes, and none of them were with Sagittarius A*.

Most black holes, such as Sagittarius A* often devour a lot of gas, stars that are devoured, or have had their death sentences declared, or have been unhappy to get too close, since tourism in the Galactic Center is unbelievably large, so many stars obviously stop to watch a supermassive black hole calm, but not everyone is so lucky.

For Earth, these peculiar, and rather rare events show what the personality of a black hole is like, 90% are red-eyed who do this kind of cruelty, and Earth tells everyone to be calm, even with the red-eyed black holes, this event is rare.

Sagittarius A*

Earth never observed Sagittarius A* cruelly devouring a star that way, but she already noticed the disruption of an asteroid, causing a huge flare, so the unfortunate asteroid had to approach less than 1 AU of it, all the warnings were clear, but the asteroid apparently ignored it, even disrespecting the law for its own safety, millions of asteroids protested against this unjustified but predictable cruel act.

Although she did not care for all this, Sagittarius A* did not fail to defend herself, saying: "The warnings were clear, if someone breaks the laws, fate is also clear." After that statement, the asteroids realized that this was a mistake of the destroyed asteroid, so they stopped protesting, and apologized to Sagittarius A*, which they accepted formally.

Another case that became extremely well known was that of the G2, a small gas cloud that passed near Sagittarius A*, despite having suffered a great gravitational force, unlike the asteroid, was massive enough to maintain. Not much is known about G2, but it was probably two sister stars that were cast by Sagittarius A*.

In addition to these two cases, there are no other reports of Earth searches in an eventual case of tidal disruption event with Sagittarius A*, which, while making the danger so clear, oblige any school in the Milky Way to teach about this risk, yet there are objects naive enough to want to get close to it.

Sagittarius A* really strives to be good and patient in some cases, as with G2, she tries to teach everyone that there are not only bad black holes but rather good black holes since she is tired of being considered bad, with so many contrary proofs shown by the Earth, obviously there are many cases in which it is out of control.

In this case, she promotes some trips of young stars mainly to a safe distance to her, to demonstrate to them the capacities of a gentle, passive and pacific black hole, which not all approve, but it is what she wants.

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