He's never going to have a girlfriend!
— Uranus, The Beginning 2

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun, it is the coldest, but contrary to what everyone expected, he is very excited and cool, despite being silent, he shows that he likes to be with his friends in the Solar System.

A long time ago, a planet much larger than Earth collided with it, and changed its axis of rotation, although his face also lay aside, he adapted to that and repaired his face, and now he considers himself normal;

He has bizarre moons, and a small ring system, not as glorious as that of his neighbor Saturn, in which he does not like her very much because she got him into trouble in Random Things Happen in the Solar System.

General Behavior

Despite the stress over jokes about his name, Uranus always shows himself as a nice guy, and is always willing to help and make others laugh, and to feel good about their lives, he will always try, no matter what is his current mood or any past problem, he always wants to move into the future.

Being a big fan of Earth technology, Uranus has always been interested in trying to help Earth in some way, as he is very fond of technology and philosophy, he always tends to be a pacifist and thinks long before any situation, even if often, he runs away from the concept itself, and makes unthinkingly different decisions, unlike Earth, which has reached a state of almost unshakable happiness.

Generally, Uranus is also a planet that accepts differences a great deal, on which, he has learned by accepting himself, with his steeply inclined axis, he is also one of the greatest advocates of Nemesis and Planet X change, and their reintegration in the Solar System again. And despite his troubles with his most selfish, self-centered brother Neptune, and with bossy Saturn, he never tends to ignore them or offend them just as they might unintentionally do to him.


Uranus has 27 known moons, here is a list of those moons.

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