Ah, stop complaining about Mercury, let them be happy!
— Venus, The Beginning

Venus is the second planet from the Sun, sister of Earth, Venus however, is nothing like,besides it size, is hotter, and has a dense atmosphere, it is almost impossible to see what there is on the surface of Venus without equipment , and it has been a challenge for the Earth to study her own sister.

The atmosphere of Venus is not only dense but chaotic on the night side, it is bizarrely violent, with winds at a great speed, making a horrible place there, and there are also hurricanes, like the double hurricanes at the south pole of Venus, and its heat, is not limited only to it, but, rather, some small ejections of the atmosphere of Venus, in which, make a part of the space around her very hot.

She adopted fashion, because she considered herself ugly, her surface is a sea of molten terrain, or lava, and her atmosphere disguises this shame of having followed a different path from Earth, she then adopted the fashion to be more beautiful.

General Behavior

Venus is usually a very friendly and pleasant planet, she loves to make new friends and share beauty and fashion tips, but in this part she usually tends to be very arrogant, and her closed mind prevents her from accepting any advice for herself. She usually tends to have a really aggressive and hot attitude at times, and her sometimes simplistic and charismatic thinking can be slow and easily manipulated.

Venus hates it, but she is easily manipulated, as her thinking is slow, so she usually stays with Earth, her not so twin sister, and who is quite friendly to her. In fact, Venus considers herself ugly, and her very dense atmosphere makes her prettier, so her greenhouse effect has gotten out of hand due to the massive amount of volcanoes on her surface.

Venus is considered by many in the Solar System, almost like a star, because she is very bright, because it reflects a lot of light, unfortunately, she could be equal to Earth, in intelligence and even have life on its surface, but she followed a path cruel to herself in the end, going wrong and her today, becoming almost like hell.

Venus usually mingles with Earth, Mars and Mercury, and usually Saturn, her beauty mate, but usually they both fight each other over who is prettier, but they always make up again, to beautify themselves again.

As Evil Sister

It is not something that the Earth or anyone in the Solar System likes to comment on, but Venus can sometimes demonstrate an extremely arrogant and cruel side, they usually expect that by not saying anything, Venus may forget about it, but well, it happens that the Earth has a little afraid of Venus, as it considers that it has followed a totally different path from it, an unbridled greenhouse effect, which now, literally makes it a hell.

The Earth sometimes observes the night side of Venus, and she sees that it is quite violent, but she is afraid to ask Venus, and Venus does not seem to feel this violence, which leaves Earth afraid sometimes...


This page shows the series of events happening with Venus without showing your reactions or impacts on her personality.

Hypothetical moon

Earth thought that Venus had a moon, called Neith, it would be the moon of Venus, and that would make Venus very happy, but it was only a theory.

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