Wolf-Rayet are extremely luminous and massive stars, usually being born with a pair, in which, they are almost always destroying, to become more powerful and massive, and to die, becoming black holes, and devouring more matter and growing more.


Wolf-Rayet stars live very fast, only a few million years old, and do a lot of damage, but also build a lot, like the WR 124, and its huge nebula that in the future can help stars to be born, but most are cruel and merciless, and just wants to destroy everything, to devour soon after.

As they die after their core collapses, they see a black hole, and continue to devour everything.

How to stop them

The WR 137 B has discovered something very important for how to stop a Wolf-Rayet, they tend to be the best in everything, in mass and luminosity, but if a star companion to it surpasses it in any of these situations, it activates as if it were a loss memory in Wolf-Rayet, and suddenly she just wants to overtake her fellow binary, and no longer devours him, with this technique, the stars can for the Wolf-Rayet stars, but this is only for the brightest stars , because some stars orbit a Wolf-Rayet and are very weak.


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